Food For Thought: Words, Sticks & Stones

How does this wave of violence affect both Jews and Palestinians in Israel? What are the causes of this particular wave of violence? What are we doing, what can we do, and what should we be doing?

Join the New Israel Fund’s “NIForum” (20s & 30s) on Friday December 4 in Sydney and Melbourne for an evening of community-hosted Shabbat dinners as we explore and discuss these important questions

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Food For Thought dinners provide an opportunity to unpack events and issues in Israel in the quintessential Jewish environment, the Shabbat dinner. Irrespective of one's religious observance, Shabbat is a good chance to get together with friends, make new ones, and create a safe space to have discussions that impact on our lives as Jews, Zionists, and people of the world.

We plan to have as many Shabbat dinners running concurrently as possible. You are invited to host, or participate in, a dinner. As a host you will have ownership over the guest list -- inviting your friends or family for a social dinner, and making space for a couple of new people who want to be part of the Food For Thought conversation. We'll provide you with all the resources you need to run an inspiring and fulfilling conversation.

If you’d just like to attend - that’s fine, too! Just fill out the form and we’ll make sure to put you in touch with one of our fine hosts.

What does it meant to JOIN a Food For Thought Shabbat dinner?

  • You will be invited to one of the Shabbat dinners that are being hosted
  • NIF will match you to a dinner that best reflects the answers given in the attached form - the more information you provide the greater our ability to make a ‘perfect’ match

What does it mean to HOST a Food For Thought Shabbat dinner?

  • If you’d like to bring some friends together to discuss these topics, NIF will provide you a ‘hosting pack’ with all the information you need
  • Please leave at least one (but as many as you want!) space available for individuals who want to participate but do not have a organised dinner to go to
  • We suggest that you make the dinners potluck -- ask everyone to bring a dish!
  • Numbers at dinner can be anywhere from 4 to 15
  • NIF asks that you provide as much information as possible on the attached form, this will ensure the night runs smoothly

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December 04, 2015
Shabbat Dinner Tables Around Melbourne & Sydney - register to join a dinner here
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