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Who is the Fellowship For?

Are you interested in better understanding the complexity of what is happening in Israel-Palestine?

Looking for a way to connect with others who share your social justice values and support democracy? 

Want to be part of expanding the conversation around Israel-Palestine in the Australian Jewish community?


The Naomi Chazan Fellowship gives you the opportunity to be part of an expanding network of the next generation of progressive leaders around the world, anchored by their joint experiences on an intensive eight day trip to Israel alongside emerging leaders from the UK, US and Canada. 

Together you’ll meet Israeli and Palestinian activists and changemakers making a difference on the ground across a variety of issues: religious freedom, the rights of refugees and people seeking asylum, ending the occupation of the Palestinian territories, fighting gender segregation, creating shared society and building coexistence, and combating racism and discrimination. 

After the trip, you’ll participate in three online skills workshops, exploring the tools needed for creating impactful change, such as storytelling, building power, digital advocacy and community organising. Using the skills learnt in these workshops and the education from the trip to Israel, you will complete the fellowship by running an action or event. The development of this action is something the cohort will work on during the program. 

You’ll then become part of the Fellowship’s alumni community, and part of the broader NIF Australia next generation community, who are dedicated to creating a shift in the Jewish community’s conversation about Israel-Palestine.

If you see a future where Israel and the Diaspora have an honest and open relationship, if you want to go on a unique trip to Israel which is just the beginning of an ongoing relationship which deepens your understanding of Israeli society, and if you want to be part of making long-lasting, positive change in both Israel and the Australian Jewish community, then the Naomi Chazan Fellowship is for you!

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