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Israel Trip Itinerary – Naomi Chazan Fellowship

Israel Study Tour: 4-11 January 2023

The Fellowship’s trip to Israel is the anchor of the program. Fellows will meet with grassroots activists, civil rights lawyers, academics, journalists and artists who are leading the social change movement in Israel-Palestine today.

Hearing from a full range of changemakers – religious and secular, left and right, Jewish and Palestinian, Ashkenazi and Mizrahi – Fellows will develop a holistic understanding of Israel-Palestineand an understanding of where it can be improved.

Fellows will learn about the challenges to Israel’s identity as a Jewish and democratic state, the impacts of the occupation, investigate the issues and politics of religion, immigration, land use, women’s role in society, the environment, and other pressing civil and human rights challenges.

By meeting with changemakers in civil society and experiencing the reality of the daily lives of Israelis and Palestinians, Fellows will have the experience they need to lead new conversations in the Australian Jewish community.

“The trip was so interesting and extremely informative. The fast pace of the days and squeezing so much into them was a great way to show us just how many people are trying to make a difference for people in need. I felt very inspired by many of the organisations with whom we met.”

Obviously, because of Covid, we haven't run the trip in a while. So, in the meantime, you can get a sense of the last time we were able to run the program, in 2019.

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