Seder 2024

Passover Haggadah Supplement

During this incredibly challenging moment, so many of us are looking to the Passover Seder as an opportunity and a challenge. It will be an opportunity to come together, to celebrate, to mourn and to reflect. It will be a challenge because during this period of war, so many in Israel and Gaza are suffering.

For those of us looking for answers and for comfort at the Seder, we are fortunate to have this supplement developed by NIF board members and supporters who have created this resource to help provide answers and opportunities for expanding our shared ritual.

May this Passover be a period of reflection and prayer for those of us looking to pray and to reflect. May it be the last Passover we experience without the hostages returned home and may it be the last Passover we experience during war.

We wish you a happy and meaningful Passover. 

Download our Haggadah Supplement here

Image credit: stellalevi