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Meet our Community

Our supporters come from Jewish communities across Australia, all of whom are making their mark on Israel by funding work that builds a more just, democratic and inclusive society, and a shared commitment to an Israel that upholds the values of the Declaration of Independence.


To coincide with the launch of our "Upholding the Declaration of Independence" ad at the Jewish International Film Festival, we asked some of our supporters to reflect on the document, what it means to them, and why it remains relevant today. Hear from Ronni Kahn AO, Mark Baker, Ilana Snyder, Danita Moshinsky, Max Korman, Melissa Castan and Liam Getreu about why they support NIF and the Israel they want to see become a reality.

Celebrating ten years since NIF's establishment in Australia, a number of our supporters came together to create this video.

By funding organisations like the Hotline for Refugees and Migrants–Israel, Shira Sebban feels closer to Israel, and is able to have an impact to protect people seeking asylum and refugees there, just like she does here in Australia.

Chloe, Graham and Bec are recent graduates of our Naomi Chazan Fellowship program. For Chloe, being involved in NIF meant having a place to channel her passion for Israel after she left Habonim Dror. Bec was drawn to be part of NIF because of our investments in projects promoting equality and democracy. For Graham, it meant creating a bridge between liberal values in the Diaspora and liberal values in Israel.

Melissa Castan, who is also one of NIF Australia's board members, came to NIF because we fund projects which support inclusion, democracy and social movements that work for positive change in Israeli society.