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Why the Fellowship? – Naomi Chazan Fellowship

The Naomi Chazan Fellowship is a unique opportunity for emerging leaders in Australia’s Jewish community to channel your commitment to Israel’s future and your passion for social justice and human rights into concrete activism.

Like no other program, the Fellowship connects Australians to grassroots activists in Israel with a shared dedication to Israel as a homeland of the Jewish people and a democratic society which embraces equality and pluralism. 

You have probably been to Israel before, but on the Fellowship you’ll take a deep dive into better understanding the struggle for a more just and democratic Israel.

You’ll have unprecedented access to a range of activists, journalists, politicians and grassroots organisers dealing with ideas that even many Israelis have not had a chance to see first hand.

You’ll come back to Australia with a unique perspective about what’s happening in Israel and be able to lead new community conversations about Israel.

Yours will be the next generation which amplifies and champions progressive voices in the Jewish community.

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