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Why the Fellowship? – Naomi Chazan Fellowship

The Naomi Chazan Fellowship is a unique opportunity for emerging leaders in Australia’s Jewish community to channel a passion for social justice and human rights into concrete action. 

If you care about how progressive values can and should shape a new reality in Australia and Israel, if you want to learn tangible skills for social change and activism, if you’re keen to meet and connect with like-minded peers in Australia, across the Jewish diaspora and in Israel-Palestine, then the Fellowship is for you.

You’ll have unprecedented access to a range of activists, journalists, politicians and grassroots organisers dealing with ideas that even many Israelis have not had a chance to see first hand. 

You’ll come back to Australia with a unique perspective about what’s happening in Israel and be able to lead new community conversations about Israel.

Be part of a community which amplifies and champions progressive voices in the Jewish community.

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