Combating Racism and Discrimination

Projects we support:

Israel Racism Crisis Centre

In just a year, the Racism Crisis Centre, run by the Israel Religious Action Centre (IRAC), has dealt with more than 70 cases, ranging from discrimination in employment to racial profiling, and even violent and physical attacks.

Two-thirds of cases come from Palestinian citizens of Israel, but the Centre also deals with victims of racism from the Ethiopian community, people seeking asylum, Russian immigrants and the LGBT community.

In addition to providing individual case management and referral service, the RCC also leverages its successes to change the discourse in wider Israeli society through appearances in the media. Appearances in major media outlets ensure that the impact of countering racism starts with the individual affected, but also ripples out to the wider public.


  • 2018 – $20,000
  • 2017 – $52,500

Tmura – The Anti-Discrimination Legal Centre

Tmura uses tort law against companies which discriminate against minority voices in Israel. Clients from diverse backgrounds, including women in public housing, public transport users, victims of domestic violence, call on Tmura to help them get justice against perpetrators of racism and discrimination.

In one case, Tmura represented an Ethiopian woman whose daughter was denied registration at a creche simply because of her background. In more than 12 years, Tmura has lost only a single case, making its use of tort law a most effective strategy to promote a more tolerant Israeli society.


  • 2018 – $20,000
  • 2017 – $20,000


Through Tebeka, a prominent voice for Ethiopian-Israelis, NIF Australia’s funds have been used to run local clinics in Petah Tikva, Netanyahu, Rehovot and Rishon Letzion for more than 1,103 members of the community.

Recently, after representation and intervention from Tebeka’s lawyers and advisers, the police officers who committed a hate crime against an Ethiopian-Israeli soldier in uniform were brought to justice.

Tebeka also runs workshops for teenagers from diverse backgrounds to provide basic training so they understand their basic civil rights.


  • 2018 – $20,000
  • 2017 – $10,000