The Other Haggadah launches for 2017

We're pleased to be able to share with you the latest revision to "The Other Haggadah", a Pesach project launched last year by our Naomi Chazan Fellows. This year's revision was co-authored by two of 2016-17's Fellows, Adam Grodeck and Dana Klas.

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"Democracy Israeli Style" on Radio National

Radio National’s “Rear Vision” program featured a discussion this week about Israeli democracy, and the tensions between Israel’s Jewish and democratic characteristics.

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New Israel Fund Australia Statement on Prime Minister Netanyahu's Visit

The New Israel Fund Australia Foundation released the following statement on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's upcoming visit to Australia.

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Launching Applications for This Year's Naomi Chazan Fellowship

New Israel Fund (NIF) Australia today launched applications for its Naomi Chazan Fellowship. The prestigious program includes a 10 day trip (July 13-22) to Israel and the Palestinian Territories as well as skills building, personal and professional development, and building networks with an international cohort of leaders.

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Who Owns The Western Wall?

Kotel_marchers_with_torahs_(IRAC).jpgRecently hundreds of activists bought dozens of Torah scrolls to the Kotel for a Rosh Chodesh service. The historic egalitarian service intended to force the Israeli government’s hand to implement an agreement, reached in January, to create space at the Western Wall where men and women could pray together.

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We ♥️ David Broza

We were thrilled that David Broza recorded this great video for us on his recent trip to Australia.

This week at the UN: some bad, and some good

UNESCO’s Offensive Resolution

As you may have heard, last week UNESCO passed an offensive resolution which disregards Judaism’s connection to the Temple Mount and the Western Wall.

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This Rosh Hashanah, we speak up against racism

Rosh Hashanah 5777 begins on Sunday night. This festival provides us with an opportunity for reflection on the year that has been. With the increased prominence of divisive politicians such as Donald Trump and Pauline Hanson, we are witnessing a disturbing rise in racism, bigotry and hate speech.

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NIF: 'A legitimate force that supports Israel' – Jewish News op-ed by Ilana Snyder

The following op-ed was published in the Australian Jewish News on Thursday September 22. You can see the original here.

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"I am a proud Israeli and a proud Zionist": Dr Mike Benn's letter to the Maccabean

Dr Mike Benn, a Perth-born Israeli who made aliyah in 1981, wrote the following op-ed for this week's edition of Perth's "The Maccabean", after ads for NIF's screenings of "Magash Hakesef" were rejected:

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