NIF Launches Emergency Fundraiser - New Israel Fund Australia

NIF Launches Emergency Fundraiser

12/10/2023 – Sydney

New Israel Fund Australia (NIF) is announcing the launch of its emergency fundraiser to support impacted communities right now. During this senseless and horrific violence, we stand united in our commitment to support those affected by this horrible violence. 

NIF was founded in Australia in 2011 to support human and civil rights organisations in Israel. This is work that we have continued to do in times of peace and in times of crisis. At this moment of tremendous need, NIF Australia has launched an emergency fundraiser to provide resources to communities impacted by violence and terror.

Working with our grantees in Israel, we will be sending funds to ensure that medical supplies, humanitarian aid and basic assistance are provided to those working to rebuild in this time of tragedy. NIF is also fundraising to support work that will prevent escalation in shared cities and other spheres of society. Now is the time for unity, we must work together across and unite to defend human rights and defeat hatred. 

To make a contribution, people in Australia can go to:

To find out more, get in touch with Michael Chaitow, NIF executive director at 0432 629 342  

Media contact:

Michael Chaitow (NIF), 0432 629 342