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NIF Calls for Immediate Ceasefire and Return of Hostages

13/10/2023 – Sydney

NIF is deeply disturbed by the senseless violence occurring right now in Israel and Gaza – we demand an immediate cessation of hostilities. With over 1,200 mainly civilian Israelis massacred (Jews, Arab and Bedouins) the priority of the Israeli government must be the safe return of all hostages taken by Hamas.

Israel must remember that this is a war against Hamas, not the Palestinian people as a whole, and in particular not those trapped in Gaza.

Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians are already internally displaced as they seek refuge from this response. Collective punishment and the denial of basic services like electricity and water to an entire population has never brought about regime change.

At the same time Israelis remain threatened by the on-going missile attacks. So we call for the protection of civilian life on all sides.

Now is not the time for further fighting, it is the time for the international community to call for a ceasefire, the immediate return of all hostages, and for and to return to negotiations to restore peace to the region. 

As our friend and colleague Jess Bricker of Standing Together reminded us in an online briefing earlier this week “we need to build the front that is fighting for the lives and futures of people - Israelis and Palestinians - not their leaders who have driven everyone in this land to a dead end.”

NIF was founded over a decade ago to help support a vision of Israel based on justice and equality for all.  We will continue to raise funds to support those impacted by this horrific crisis and call on anyone who is able to give what they can to 

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