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This week at the UN: some bad, and some good

UNESCO’s Offensive Resolution

As you may have heard, last week UNESCO passed an offensive resolution which disregards Judaism’s connection to the Temple Mount and the Western Wall.

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This Rosh Hashanah, we speak up against racism

Rosh Hashanah 5777 begins on Sunday night. This festival provides us with an opportunity for reflection on the year that has been. With the increased prominence of divisive politicians such as Donald Trump and Pauline Hanson, we are witnessing a disturbing rise in racism, bigotry and hate speech.

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NIF: 'A legitimate force that supports Israel' – Jewish News op-ed by Ilana Snyder

The following op-ed was published in the Australian Jewish News on Thursday September 22. You can see the original here.

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"I am a proud Israeli and a proud Zionist": Dr Mike Benn's letter to the Maccabean

Dr Mike Benn, a Perth-born Israeli who made aliyah in 1981, wrote the following op-ed for this week's edition of Perth's "The Maccabean", after ads for NIF's screenings of "Magash Hakesef" were rejected:

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Recent Social & Economic Justice Achievements

As the Knesset goes into summer recess we are celebrating several key legislative victories. These achievements are the result of the hard work and public pressure led by NIF and our grantees.

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Statement: Censored in Perth by the Maccabean

The “Maccabean”, the newspaper of the Perth’s Jewish community, is refusing to carry advertisements run by the New Israel Fund Australia.

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Background to Israel's Anti-NGO Law

The Knesset has passed legislation setting forth new requirements for non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that receive funding from foreign governments.

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Meet Our 2016-17 Naomi Chazan Fellows

Just a few days ago, the second cohort of our Naomi Chazan Fellowship began its journey in Israel.

Our latest group of four young people – Adam, Dana, Deb and Yuli – come from Sydney and Melbourne, all with a history in different Zionist youth movements. They’re committed to Israel, to the Jewish community in Australia, and we’re proud to have them as part of our Fellowship.

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Some great sessions at Limmud Oz Melbourne this weekend

Limmud Oz Melbourne is on again this weekend, and we thought we'd share with you just a few of the 150+ sessions that might be of particular interest to NIF supporters and donors.

The full schedule is online – and you can still buy tickets through Limmud's website, with discounts for concessions, school-age children, and multi-day passes.

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"Kick It Out" Awards Grants for Shared Society Initiatives

In a special ceremony during half-time at the State Cup Final in Jerusalem, Kick it Out – in collaboration with the Israel Football Association – awarded $25,000 in grants to grassroots Israeli initiatives using soccer to promote shared society, coexistence, and tolerance.

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