Making It Happen: NIF's projects working to end the occupation

We're proud to share details about the grants we have made in the last six months to end the occupation. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to NIF allowing us to support these important projects.

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AJN Clarification of Breaking the Silence piece

Last week, on the eve of the visit to Australia by Breaking the Silence’s Avner Gvaryahu, the Australian Jewish News published an article by a Benayahu Carmi. He claimed he served “shoulder to shoulder” with Avner for three years, and based on that experience, he alleged that Avner is a liar.

Carmi’s claim is false and this week the AJN published a clarification acknowledging and regretting its error.

AJN Clarification

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Our events launching Kingdom of Olives and Ash with Geraldine Brooks, Assaf Gavron and Breaking the Silence

We’re looking forward to our events launching “Kingdom of Olives and Ash” with Breaking the Silence next week. It is timely given the flare-up of tensions on the border with Gaza.

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Amos Oz in the Jewish News: Breaking the silence – a Jewish tradition

Amos Oz, the acclaimed author and moral voice of Israel, has written an incredible essay in this week's Australian Jewish News about the importance of standing up for human rights, justice and equality.

Come to the launch of 'Kingdom of Olives and Ash' with Pulitzer Prize winner Geraldine Brooks, Israeli prize-winning novelist Assaf Gavron and Breaking the Silence executive director Avner Gvaryahu in Sydney (6 June) and Melbourne (7 June).

Amos Oz article

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Pulitzer Prize winner Geraldine Brooks to launch book on Israel’s 50-year occupation

We're very excited to share two upcoming events: our launch of “Kingdom of Olives and Ash” in Sydney and Melbourne.

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Division & Unity: A Photo Exhibition

Today, we often see the state of Israel and the greater Middle East through the lens of photographs. Whether they are cherished mementos or flashes on social media feeds, the pictures capture the concerns that divide us, and the events that bring us together. Some of these moments depict horror, sadness and a plea for a more just and moral society. Others fill us with hope and validation that we are heading towards a bright future.

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Anne Frank Fonds Basel to Begin Grants in Israel In Partnership with NIF: “Anne Frank’s Values Are The Pillars Of NIF’s Work”

The Anne Frank Fonds Basel and New Israel Fund (NIF) have signed a partnership agreement which will come into effect in the coming year. As part of the new partnership, the Anne Frank Foundation will make new grants to organisations supported by NIF to advance their work toward equality and justice.

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Netanyahu cancels the refugee deal – and blames NIF

What a difference a day makes. Even by Tuesday, Prime Minister Netanyahu was backtracking from his deal with the UNHCR to settle people seeking asylum in Israel and the West.

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Israel cancels plans to deport people seeking asylum to Africa

Overnight, Prime Minister Netanyahu announced a deal with the UNHCR that would see people seeking asylum in Israel be re-settled in Israel or the West, rather than deported to Africa.

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Social Justice Resources For Your Seder

The story of Pesach – and the lessons and values we draw from the story of Exodus – is at the heart of the values that connect many of us to NIF.

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