Donate Now to Those on the Front Lines

Your gift will support those in need during this critical time.

Our colleagues in Israel and our grantees on the ground right now are working to provide much needed relief to impacted communities. During this important moment in history for Israelis and Palestinians, we are prioritising:

  1. Basic care for the most vulnerable groups: This includes supporting families in the kibbutzim near the Gaza Border, Bedouin citizens in unrecognised villages in the South and those requiring urgent medical care. These are just examples of a few vulnerable groups that need our help right now.
  2. Preventing inter-communal violence in mixed cities: Through focused efforts with municipalities and local grassroots leaders, we have to work to prevent the spread of violence into mixed Arab and Jewish cities.

A gift to NIF Australia means a gift to our grantees working to provide urgent care those who need it right now. Thank you for your support!

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