Relieving poverty and economic inequality


Israel today has one of the highest rates of poverty in the Western World. One-in-three children live below the poverty line, with almost 25% of the population living in poverty. Economic inequality is one of the highest rates amongst OECD nations.

One of NIF’s priorities is ensuring that those who need it the most are able to access public housing. Through its funding of a number of organisations, legal representation is provided to some of Israel’s poorest to ensure they have access to this basic human right. This is done through organisations like ‘Tmura - The Anti-Discrimination Legal Centre’, through a unique strategy that uses tort law to pursue claims, as well as the ‘Israeli Organisation for Ethiopian Jews’, which runs training and education sessions for residents of poor residents of absorption centres.

You can learn more about economic inequality and poverty in Israel by watching hit Israeli documentary series “Magash Hakesef”, which is available for streaming on our website.

Spotlight: Hamaabara - Jerusalem Campaign for Housing Rights

Located in Katamon, one of Jerusalem's disadvantaged neighbourhoods, the Maabara is a grassroots initiative that emerged after the 2011 ‘occupy’ social protests. Local residents have created a community centre aimed at addressing the lack of public housing, a serious problem for decades.

A critical service Hamaabara provides to local residents is the Legal Rights Clinic, launched with the participation of students from the Hebrew University Law School. The clinic provides individual assistance on public housing rights, social security issues, employment and debt relief. In addition to legal consulting, individuals are accompanied to the various government offices to amplify their voices and ensure their rights are upheld.

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