Promoting the Status of Women

Projects we support:

Mavoi Satum

In Israel, one-in-five Jewish women are unable to freely exit their marriage.

Because Israeli law passes on responsibility for personal status issues – like marriage, divorce and burial – to the Orthodox-controlled Rabbinate, thousands of women are currently trapped for long periods of time, even decades, in a state of limbo as they try to divorce their husbands.

While the broader fight for freedom of – and from – religion persists, Mavoi Satum works with the women who suffer most in their everyday lives, mesoravot get, women who are seeking a divorce, and agunot, women who are denied a divorce.

Mavoi Satum’s lawyers represent these women in the rabbinic courts and exert pressure on the dayanim (rabbinic judges) to issue a divorce. So far this year, they have represented 134 women, of which 38 were successful in attaining the freedom they’ve been fighting for, often for decades.

Mavoi Satum also provides individual and group psychological services to help these women re-build their lives separate from their husbands, as well as ‘independence workshops’ so they’re better equipped to deal with other challenges in their lives.


  • 2018 – $10,000

Israel Religious Action Centre (IRAC)

IRAC is the leading organisation addressing religion and state issues in Israel. Its impact has been felt across a wide range of issues: ending the segregation of women on flights, buses and at funerals; the status of non-Orthodox streams of Judaism; and the right of the LGBT community to adopt.

IRAC’s commitment to advancing religious diversity and defending freedom of religion in Israel is all the more important because of the dominant role the Orthodox-controlled Rabbinate has across society.

We fund projects which assist olim who face questions over their status as Jews, take action to advance gender equality, including airlines which discriminate against women on flights, and fight for public transportation on Shabbat.


  • 2019 – $500
  • 2018 – $30,000