2021 - New Israel Fund Australia



Haqel: Jews and Arabs in Defense of Human Rights
This emergency grant to Haqel allows them to offer legal advice and case management support for 5,000 residents of the South Hebron Hills who have suffered from an uptick in settler violence in recent months. They provide an emergency hotline to provide immediate legal advice and are taking on strategic cases to liaise with the military and police to improve the lives of Palestinians in the West Bank. Read more »
Israel Religious Action Centre (IRAC)
Defending religious freedom and pluralism, and ensuring equal treatment of all streams of Judaism. Read more »
Mesila - Treatment for Families of Migrant Workers and Asylum Seekers (Tel Aviv Foundation)
In partnership with the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality, Mesila is developing "The Fresh Place", a choice model food bank in South Tel Aviv which will provide the community a central and stable location to access nutritious foods and increase nutrition education and awareness. Read more »
(This was matched by the Tel Aviv Foundation for a total grant of $54,000.)