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NIF Urges Diplomatic Resolution to Israel-Hamas Conflict


NIF Urges Diplomatic Resolution to Israel-Hamas Conflict 

22/2/2024 – Sydney

The New Israel Fund (NIF) urgently calls on the Israeli government to refrain from undertaking a ground invasion into Rafah. The government needs to undertake negotiations in order to achieve a diplomatic solution that sees all the hostages returned and an immediate cessation of hostilities. 

This round of violence was precipitated by the horrific and senseless October 7 attacks by Hamas on the Israeli people and we condemn those attacks in the strongest terms. The tragic loss of life that has followed in Gaza has brought only pain and suffering that will have an impact for generations. Now is the time to choose another path. Now is the time to pursue peace, adherence to international law and a return to negotiations to end the current violence. Now is the time for a long-term, diplomatic solution including an end to the occupation and two states for two peoples. 

As Annalena Baerbock, the foreign minister of Germany, said: “The greatest defeat for Hamas and those who deny Israel's right to exist will be a peace agreement between Israel and Arab countries, in which Israel's clear and unequivocal right to exist will not only be recognized but anchored in agreements.”

As a coalition of NIF grantees and partners on the ground stated earlier this month: 

“We, the undersigned Israel-based civil society and human rights organisations, call for an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and demand the immediate release of hostages held in the Gaza Strip. An immediate ceasefire will prevent further loss of civilian lives and facilitate access to vital aid for Gaza to address the unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe there.”

Now is not the time for further bloodshed, now is the time for peace. NIF Australia was founded over a decade ago to help support a vision of Israel based on justice and equality for all. We continue to support that vision and the grantees we fund that are working to get us there. Further violence is contrary to that vision.

As leaders of the Australian Jewish community, Australian Government Ministers and representatives from the international community are warning, a ground invasion would take us further down the path of violence and further away from peace. We cannot continue down this path, all parties must return to negotiating for a return of the hostages and a lasting, peaceful resolution to this conflict, embodying a two-state solution. 

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