[New Gen] Our Homes Are on Fire - From Australia to the Middle East - New Israel Fund Australia

[New Gen] Our Homes Are on Fire - From Australia to the Middle East

Sun 21 Feb 2021 at 7:30pm - 8:30pm


Contact Eve Altman ( 0449144255) for more information.

With 2020 the equal hottest year ever recorded, it’s clear that strong action to alleviate the impacts of climate change is more important than ever. 

However, the Australian government’s current emissions reduction plan is inadequate to meet the Paris agreement targets, signed in 2016. In Israel, a climate crisis preparation plan was approved two years ago, but there is still no budget or goals to implement this plan

What can everyday citizens do to pressure our governments to take more action? How can young people get their voices heard?

We are partnering with EcoPeace to bring together student climate activists from Australia, Israel, Palestine and Jordan who will share their insights and experiences of fighting climate change and working across diversity.

This event is exclusively for our New Gen supporters, in their 20s and 30s.

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Ella Simons is a 14 year old climate activist based in Melbourne, Australia. She currently organises the School Strike 4 Climate movement in Australia and volunteers for the Australian Youth Climate Coalition. Ella is also involved in another exciting event Climate Live - an international project working to bring the music industry into the climate movement.

Suad Sami from Artas village, 16 years old, student at Al-Firdous Girls High School. One of the youth leaders at Eco Peace, an activist in the Palestinian Youth Project, a volunteer at the Artas Heritage Centre, and a volunteer at the Al-Rahma Association for Orphans and the Islamic Relief Society. She is interested in everything related to the environment, and is always look for something that increases her awareness and culture. She never misses an opportunity that allows her to participate in voluntary, heritage or environmental activities or even human development lectures. She is an emerging writer.

Daad Tamimi is 15 years old and is already a youth activist. She attends the International School of Choueifat Amman in Jordan, where she actively partakes in a leadership role in the Student Life Organization (SLO). In the SLO, they aim to offer students a fun outlet while simultaneously focusing on broadening their horizons. For example, Daad was responsible for organizing a tree planting activity, where middle school students planted trees for Earth Day. She believes in educating today’s youth more about the environmental challenges we face, especially in her region. This allows her to connect her activities in EcoPeace with her school life such as fundraising in school in order to build a grey water system for a family in the Jordan Valley. Daad is speaking on the youth panel in EcoPeace’s regional conference, aswell as taking an active role in the EcoPeace regional youth camp.

Michael Backlund is 17 years old, an Israeli climate activist and organizer in “Strike4future” Israel. He started organizing plastic cleanups on the shores of Israel’s coastline and proceeded to organize national climate strikes in the hearts of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. He became an active part of the organization of 4 different Global Climate Strikes including the 10 million people strike on 27 September 2019. Thanks to all of his work in the activist arena he became a Director of Global Community at Climate Science and an EcoPeace youth trustee. Michael has led global projects such as organizing debates and environmental events from Brazil to Fiji, has worked as an advisor for an organization in Burundi that promotes women’s rights and has organized a national MUN climate change conference that was accompanied by press, NGOs, scientists, politicians, ambassadors, diplomats and educators.