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Justice in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

Projects we support:

Yesh Din

By representing Palestinians who are victims of settler violence and who have had land confiscated by settlements, Yesh Din’s actions challenge the structural violations of human rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Last year, Yesh Din had major success representing Palestinian landowners against the settlement outpost of Amona. After almost 10 years of work, including a number of hearings before the High Court of Justice, Amona, which was illegal under Israeli law and constructed on private Palestinian land, was evacuated, and the land returned to its owners.

The organisation also runs legal training workshops in the West Bank to empower Palestinians and ensure they have the ability to exercise their legal rights.


  • 2019 – $12,000
  • 2018 – $15,000

Machsom Watch

Founded by a group of Jewish-Israeli grandmothers, distressed by the treatment of Palestinians, Machsom Watch runs a ‘checkpoint hotline’ to assist the 80,000 Palestinians who cross into Israel each day. Even though they have work permits, thousands are unfairly denied entry each year, often for trivial reasons, like a speeding fine or because some of their relatives were arrested.

Machsom Watch’s staff and volunteers help around 3,000 Palestinians each year, liaising with the military to have them removed from the blacklist. Ultimately, more than half are successful in their claims, meaning they can return to work.


  • 2019 – $16,000
  • 2018 – $16,000


The only Israeli organisation which focuses on human rights in Gaza, Gisha works with Palestinians wishing to travel to Israel or the West Bank for medical, educational or professional reasons. The organisation focuses particularly on assisting Gazans from marginalised groups, like women and young people. With Gisha, more than 700 people were able to receive Israeli army permits to leave Gaza, including 257 women and 344 children.

Gaza still struggles with access to basic goods, like food and health equipment, and Gisha works with the IDF to maximise their flow in to Gaza.


  • 2019 – $15,000
  • 2018 – $15,000

Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI)’s East Jerusalem Project

We’re funding a major Association for Civil Rights in Israel project which fights for classrooms, health clinics and core government services in a city where the majority of residents live below the poverty line.

In East Jerusalem the vast majority of children live below the poverty line and struggle to get access to state-funded education.

The imbalance in resources between Jewish West Jerusalem and Palestinian East Jerusalem is staggering.
After a decade of litigation, tens of thousands of Palestinian students still don’t have access to the classrooms they need to attend school. More than 2,000 classrooms need to be built, but only 44 were added last year. Half of existing classrooms are considered substandard by the municipality.

NIF Australia funds ACRI’s litigation and courtroom advocacy, working to have High Court of Justice decisions respected and implemented and ensuring all of Jerusalem’s residents get the education they deserve.


  • 2018 – $23,000
  • 2017 – $105,000