Hand in Hand Sydney Shabbat Dinner (New Gen) - New Israel Fund Australia

Hand in Hand Sydney Shabbat Dinner (New Gen)

Fri 9 Aug 2019 at 7:15pm

Home of Ben and Sharon Berger
North Bondi NSW 2026

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Contact Sharon Berger ( 0438262120) for more information.

Join us for an informal shabbat dinner in Bondi to hear about the inspiring bilingual, multicultural Hand in Hand school network in Israel.   

We will be in discussion with Hand in Hand’s engagement director Noa Yammer for insights into how Hand in Hand is transforming fear and mistrust into friendship and cooperation, demonstrating to all of Israeli society that Arabs and Jews can live together.

The Hand in Hand model reaches over 1,800 students across six schools and goes against the siloed education system that is the norm in Israel. 

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A shining light in Israel’s education system, the Hand in Hand schools, bring together Jewish and Palestinian citizens of Israel in a dual-narrative, bilingual environment.

More than 1,800 students attend Hand in Hand schools, but their unique model means that it’s not just the students impacted by the program, but also the circles around them. Parents, friends and the wider communities in which the schools are embedded reduce the distress and fear of living in a conflict zone.

By embracing ‘the other’, there is greater trust and better relations between Jewish and Palestinian Israelis living in close proximity.

Whenever there are incendiary moments like the Nation-State Law’s passage, or skirmishes on the Gaza border, the Hand in Hand communities are equipped to work through them, know their classmates aren’t their enemy, and set a standard for a shared Israeli society.