Announcing a New Grants Round – June 2019 - New Israel Fund Australia

Announcing a New Grants Round – June 2019

With the political situation in Israel up in the air there’s never been a more important time to invest in civil society.

Our Israeli partners are asking for our support and we’re proud to stand with them as allies in the fight for a more inclusive, tolerant and just Israeli society.

This week we approved a round of grants to ten civil society organisations with the funds we raised from the NIF Australia community.

In the past year we’ve seen major challenges to democracy and civil society: continued uncertainty over 30,000 African refugees seeking safety in Israel; the Netanyahu government legitimising racist politicians; an ongoing assault on the independence of the judiciary; and much more.

Your support goes a long way to furthering our shared values in Israel, ensuring everyone is treated equally, has a chance to get an education, receives healthcare and isn’t the subject of racism and violence.

As we near the end of the 2018-19 financial year, will you support NIF Australia’s work and allow us to continue supporting these important projects?

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Tmura – $25,135

  • Bringing racial discrimination and gender inequality cases to win compensation for victims and set industry-wide precedents to keep government authorities and large businesses accountable
  • Focusing on women, Mizrahim and residents of public housing

Physicians for Human Rights – $25,000

  • Running a weekly medical clinic for Palestinians in small villages in the West Bank
  • Facilitating medical care and treatment for Palestinians in Gaza
  • Running an open medical clinic in Yafo for refugees and people seeking asylum

Hotline for Refugees and Migrants – $23,000

Bimkom – $20,000

  • Ensuring that Bedouin in ‘unrecognised villages’ the Negev have access to basic services like running water, electricity, healthcare and education
  • Acting as an intermediary between Bedouin villages and local and national planning authorities

Adalah – $20,000

  • Fighting against discrimination and marginalisation felt by Israel’s Palestinian minority, including in schools, hospitals and the workplace
  • Lauded by a former Supreme Court judge as "an organisation that works to advance human rights through legal, and not extra-legal, means, with outstanding intellectual ability, strong moral commitment, and an expansive vision of Israeli society in all its diversity"

Machsom Watch – $16,000

  • Assisting Palestinians with visas navigate the ever-changing and complex military bureaucracy
  • Ensuring Palestinians can cross into Israel for employment and education
  • Providing material support, like shelter and food, to remote West Bank villages

Gisha – $15,000

  • The only Israeli organisation focused on freedom of movement in and out of Gaza, prioritising women and children
  • Representing Palestinians in urgent medical situations which can’t be handled by Gaza’s medical facilities (eg cancer treatment)
  • Read more about Gisha in a recent Jerusalem Report feature

Yesh Din – $12,000

  • Representing Palestinians in the West Bank who are victims of violence and terror perpetrated by settlers

Lakia - The Association for the Improvement of Women's Status – $10,000

  • Opportunities for Bedouin women in the Negev
  • Educational and employment empowerment, teaching new skills to life them out of poverty

Women Against Violence (Nazareth) – $10,000

  • Crisis services for Palestinian women in Israel’s north, including a shelter and emergency hotline
  • An important resource for the Israel's Arab community, where domestic violence poses a deep and serious threat