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Division & Unity: A Photo Exhibition

Today, we often see the state of Israel and the greater Middle East through the lens of photographs. Whether they are cherished mementos or flashes on social media feeds, the pictures capture the concerns that divide us, and the events that bring us together. Some of these moments depict horror, sadness and a plea for a more just and moral society. Others fill us with hope and validation that we are heading towards a bright future.

Al Araqib
Women of the Wall
Old City of Jerusalem
Kafr Quddum / Kedumim
The Separation Barrier
Women Wage Peace
Hand in Hand Schools

This photo series highlights a range of modern issues from cultural to economic, from national to international. They show us that we are still divided on many fronts. However, they also showcase the tireless work of organisations to bring unity within the region. These pictures allow us to reflect on just how far we have come in many respects, but for many problems in the region there is more work to be done.

This exhibition was collected and curated by Adam Grodeck and Rebecca Sharp. They were both participants in the New IsraeI Fund’s Naomi Chazan Fellowship, which includes a study tour to Israel. There they visited organisations which are grantees of the NIF, many of which you will see highlighted in the next few weeks. All of these organisations receive support and funding from NIF globally. In Australia, NIF has selected a smaller subset of organisations for its focus, and to which it has committed to provide financial support in 2018, but we support and are proud of the work of all NIF grantees.

Adam and Rebecca were inspired to create an exhibition highlighting the different struggles occurring in Israel and showcasing different organisations that are working towards change.

We encourage you to comment and share your thoughts about the photos throughout the online exhibition.