New Israel Fund is Proud to Present: 22 Initiatives That Have Been Awarded "Voices of Hope" Grants to Promote Shared Living Between Jews and Arabs - New Israel Fund Australia

New Israel Fund is Proud to Present: 22 Initiatives That Have Been Awarded "Voices of Hope" Grants to Promote Shared Living Between Jews and Arabs

Following the violent rioting between Jews and Arabs in mixed cities last May, the New Israel Fund announced that it would allocate NIS 1 million for civil initiatives that would promote shared living. The call for proposals that aim to restore relations between Arabs and Jews attracted almost 600 requests. Of these submissions, the Professional Committee selected 22 initiatives and projects that promote dialogue, shared education, shared cultural development and initiatives and technologies.

The following projects are being funded by the global New Israel Fund organisation. The projects in yellow are the ones being fully funded by New Israel Fund Australia.

  • Breaking Down the Barriers – A project of the Bat Yam Municipality. Educationalists have developed together with the Director of Education, a program that will arrange meetings between teachers in Bat Yam and Jaffa with the aim of building new relations of trust. In the future, the program will be duplicated and applied by schoolchildren in the neighboring cities. 
  • Neighbors – Lod is Us – An initiative by a  group of citizens in Lod who strive to engrave the events of May 2021 in the collective memory of the city – as a warning sign and for a shared future. The project will work to create active shared community frameworks in the public space that will leave its mark and express the world outlook that the city belongs to all of its residents.   
  • Yafo-Yafa, a mixed city, to heal the rift – is a project of the Association for Jaffa's Arabs. The project will work to set up a joint committee of Jews and Arabs from Jaffa who will work for promoting shared living in the city. In addition, the committee will work to advance activities between schools in the city with the aim of arranging meetings between Jewish and Arab schoolchildren.
  • Haifa Promotes Shared Living – A joint project of the Haifa Center for Dialogue and Settling Disputes, which is led by the Haifa Municipality's Welfare Administration and Beit Geffen, which promotes local initiatives for promoting shared living. 
  • Interfaith Beit Midrash – the Bar-Ilan University project will bring together Imams, Rabbis, and Arab and Jewish students learning at Bar-Ilan in order to learn canonical – religious texts from Islam and Judaism.  
  • Shared House – A project of Rabbis for Human Rights. The project will arrange meetings between young people from pre-army programs and their Arab counterparts undertaking national service in the Arab sector. 
  • From the Personal to the Political, From Difference to What We Hold in Common – The project will combine dialogue and create a partnership between Palestinian and Jewish women from Jaffa and South Tel Aviv through an initiative by Sister Ahoti for Women in Israel and Arous Elbahar for Women in Jaffa. 
  • Manuel – Promoting a bilingual environment in municipal parks and gardens together with Sikkuy – The Association for the Advancement of Civic Equality. The aim of the project is to strengthen the presence of the literary Arabic language in public spaces in parks, gardens, beaches and more.  
  • Kulna's Ha'Asfa – Kulna Jerusalem – The project promotes meetings between residents of West and East Jerusalem, Jews and Arabs, and promotes multiculturalism. The meetings will take place in the former building of the Iranian Consul in Abu Tor.  
  • Navigating the Narrative – A project of the Amram NGO which aims to create the first document of its kind presenting the different narratives of the groups in Israeli society in terms of history, identity, issues and complexities, and directions for solutions.
  • Ofek (Horizon) – A project for promoting the training of Arab experts on Middle East and Palestinian matters. This is a joint project of The Forum for Regional Thinking and the Van Leer Institute. The experts will conducts surveys and make information available and will consolidate a research infrastructure for Arabic speakers on a very wide spectrum of subjects regarding the Middle East, Islam and the Palestinians.
  • Support Course for Reducing Tensions in Mixed Medical Teams – The staff of many medical facilities in Israel, especially in the north, are mixed—Jews, Muslims, and Christians. Along with the sense of partnership that derives from their vocation, with its focus on saving lives and caring for patients, a certain tension between the groups is liable to emerge, especially in periods of regional tension. One of the main goals of the course is to provide tools for dealing with the difficulties of a routine whose heightened exposure to suffering and loss leads to burnout, while creating a safe space that permits an open – rather than judgmental – dialogue and intercultural understanding.
  • Program for Joint Residency of Graduates of Jewish and Arab Art Institutes – A project of Givat Haviva. Young artists will live together for three months – 12 Jewish and Arab graduates of higher education art institutes in various disciplines, who recently completed their studies. The aim is to create a group of artists who can work to influence Israel's arts space as a multicultural, multi-disciplinary and multi-network space.
  • Founding a Center for Arab-Jewish Social Justice in Ramle – A project of the Centers for Social Justice of the Hashomer Hatzair Graduates Movement. By creating a center in Ramle for young Jews and Arabs, the project will give skills and tools to the participants to help them get out of the cycle of poverty and violence, better understand how to live together and reduce the levels of violence, and ultimately serve as the emerging leaders in Ramle and in the State of Israel.
  • Building the Future in Minecraft: The Academy for Gaming. A shared virtual course for Jewish and Arab children in seventh to twelfth grades, which will take place in mixed groups in various local authorities ith joint studying as the basis of the program – through Minecraft: the educational version.
  • Save Ajami – Jaffa is not for Sale – a project of Kolna Yafa. The joint project for Jews and Arabs will assist 460 families in the Ajami neighborhood to fight against eviction orders from their homes as a symbol of solidarity between residents of the city.   
  • Startup Negev, a project of Eretz Ir. The initiative will set up the first entrepreneurs accelerator in the Negev, which promotes technological entrepreneurship among Bedouin and Jews.  
  • Joint Jewish Arab Management Program -  A project of the Center for Educational Technology (CET). The project will promote joint studies in Jewish and Arab schools in Ramla and will hold teacher and management training with an emphasis on improving relations between the groups while keeping their identity and confronting racism. 
  • Har Hanegev: A Deeper Acquaintance Between the Populations Promoting Cooperation for Shared Living – A joint project of the Regional Council for Unrecognized Bedouin Villages and the Al Siraj Fund. The initiative will bring together Bedouin and Jews in a range of ways ranging from soccer tournaments between schools through to cooking workshops, cultural encounters and dialogue workshops.  
  • System Ali – The NGO which is named for the multi-lingual band from Jaffa will promote workshops for developing creativity between Jews and Arabs.  
  • The Future in the Desert – Developing Bedouin tourism to leverage better neighbour relations. The project will work for developing Bedouin tourism based on Bedouin-Jewish cooperation, especially in the unrecognised villages and to protect and make accessible Bedouin culture and society to their visitors from Israel. Promoting economic development in the Bedouin community allows them to better participate as equals in broader Israeli society and participate fully in Israeli life.