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Where does NIF fit in Israeli society?

Israel is a complex, modern society and it faces challenges not dissimilar to other advanced Western economies, like a growing gap between rich and poor and treatment of asylum seekers and refugees. In addition, Israel is a state with a large minority group – 20% of the country’s citizens identify as Palestinian citizens of the state – and the country faces very difficult regional security issues.

NIF Australia believes it is important for Diaspora communities to engage with the whole of Israeli society – to celebrate its incredible achievements, as well as understand its challenges.

Whenever NIF identifies an issue that Israeli society faces, it seeks to be part of a solution. Just as we rejoice in Israel’s technological advancements, we celebrate instances where an NIF grantee successfully petitions the High Court of Justice to correct an injustice.

Over the 35 years of NIF’s work in Israel, this has happened on numerous occasions, and as a result each time Israel has become a more equitable, just and inclusive Jewish and democratic state – true to the vision of its Declaration of Independence.