On the Ground with NIF’s Social Justice Activists

On the Ground with NIF’s Social Justice Activists

Mon 28 Feb 2022 at 7:30pm - 8:30pm


Contact Sharon Berger ( 0438262120) for more information.

7 February 2022 – Tour of Yaffo with Shared Society Hip-Hop Band System Ali
14 February 2022 – Tour of Unrecognised Bedouin Village Lakya
21 February 2022 – Tour of the Jordan Valley with Machsom Watch (Women Against the Occupation)
28 February 2022 – Tour of Jerusalem’s Musrara Neighbourhood with Black Panthers leader Reuven Avergil 

Get up close and personal with NIF’s social change activists with our four-part deep dive into important issues in Israel today (without the need for a PCR test!).

Go beyond the news headlines and learn more about where Israeli society is headed and how NIF’s making an impact on the ground:

Week 1: A tour of Yaffo with hip hop musicians System Ali exploring the multiple narratives of this historic area.

Week 2: Delving into the challenges faced by Bedouins in the Northern Negev.

Week 3: With the brave support of women in Machsom Watch understanding the difficulties that Palestinian residents of the Jordan Valley face in accessing water, services and the right to live in their own homes.

Week 4: A walking tour of the Musrara neighbourhood in Jerusalem with one of the Black Panther leaders looking at the Ashkenazi-Sephardi divide. 

After the short virtual tours, stick around as we break into smaller discussion groups – led by alumni from NIF’s Naomi Chazan Fellowship program – to talk about the various important issues they raise.


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