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WATCH: Trump and Jerusalem — Reactions and Realities on the Ground

We wanted to share with you this interesting webinar run yesterday by NIF US, “Trump and Jerusalem — Reactions and Realities on the Ground”.

It is a fascinating conversation looking at the reality on the grassroots, reflections from public opinion experts as well as commentary on what geopolitical ramifications there might be.

There are also some great resources produced by the webinar’s participants that are worth reading:

1. NIF President Talia Sasson in the NY Daily News: Move the U.S. Embassy at Israel’s Peril
“All those who have been involved in the mediation between Israel and the Palestinians know that without an arrangement that includes Jerusalem, there will never be a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinian people.”

2. Fact Sheet from Ir Amim on Trump and Jerusalem
“Ir Amim yearns for the day in which the American flag flies over two embassies in Jerusalem – the American embassy to Israel in West Jerusalem and the American embassy to Palestine in East Jerusalem.”

3. Resources from the Association for Civil Rights in Israel on East Jerusalem
“ACRI works within the courts and through public awareness campaigns to safeguard the fundamental human rights of Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem.”

4. Dahlia Scheindlin in +972 Magazine: How Trump Energizes Deniers of Palestinian Independence
“Trump can frolic, but intelligent people shouldn’t succumb to his infantile thinking. It’s time to drop the dusty denial of the Palestinian right to statehood once and for all.”