This Sunday: NIF Melbourne goes to see the Israeli movie "Blood Relation"

It would be great to see you at the screening of Blood Relation this Sunday, part of the AICE Israeli Film Festival. For more information about the film, you can read this article from Ha'aretz Magazine in 2010.

Blood Relations screening

For ticket information, contact Janine, Michel or Mandi at

It's not too late to join 1 million Israelis

In just over a week, on September 3, up to one million Israelis are expected to go out into the streets to stand for values that we also believe in -- social justice, equality and democracy.

Here’s our chance to show them we are aware and care: NIF is collecting signatures from supporters of Israel worldwide, to be published in a large circulation Israeli newspaper the day before the scheduled demonstration.

It’s not too late to sign NIF’s petition and show Israelis your support.

Sign your name by choosing “Other” as your state, the final option on the list, and “Australia” as your country.

Also consider donating to NIF Australia to help support NIF’s continued efforts.