Statement: Reclaim Australia rallies - New Israel Fund Australia

Statement: Reclaim Australia rallies

The New Israel Fund (NIF) Australia Foundation condemns the hatred and bigotry aimed exclusively at Muslims which was displayed at the recent Reclaim Australia rallies.

The rallies featured hate speech based on outrageous allegations against fellow Australians. This campaign to victimise and marginalise ordinary Australians simply because of their Islamic faith is reminiscent of the anti-semitism faced by Jews over the centuries.

Hatred and intolerance are twin evils which must be publicly denounced as utterly unacceptable. We call on all political and community leaders to condemn the philosophy and actions of this movement.

The importance of promoting a shared society featuring pluralism and tolerance has long been part of NIF’s goals. As Jews, we recognise the importance of standing up and speaking out against bigotry and hate speech as well as working to protect an inclusive and cohesive Australian society.

Image: Flickr/Ray_From_LA