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Stand for Democracy - Add Your Name To NIF's Ad

Israel was established to be both a Jewish homeland and a democracy that offers full equality for all. This vision has long been an inspiration to supporters of Israel worldwide. And yet, today, we see efforts to strip away Israel’s vibrant democracy, creating one set of rules for those who support the government’s policies and another set for Israelis who offer criticism.

We, supporters of Israel worldwide, want to see Israel stay true to the values of equality and democracy. These are the shared values that are the bedrock of Israel’s global support.

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Israel's cabinet recently decided to support legislation that targets progressive Israeli NGOs. Under the pretext of greater "transparency," the bill creates a series of new hoops that Israeli groups that criticise Israeli government policy must jump through. Of course, the bill deliberately avoids requiring such transparency of right-wing and settler organisations, which receive millions each year from foreign individuals.

You must sign this statement by close of business Monday January 11th, 2016, in order to have your name be part of the advertisement in Israel.

This initiative must still survive a series of Knesset votes before it becomes law.

NIF is taking out a full page ad in the Hebrew press in advance of the next Knesset vote to demonstrate that supporters of Israel worldwide want to see Israel remain true to the values of liberal democracy. Add your name to this statement.