Shining a Light: A Hanukkah Event with Mira Awad and Noa - More information - New Israel Fund Australia

Shining a Light: A Hanukkah Event with Mira Awad and Noa - More information

Achinoam Nini (NOA)

Achinoam Nini (known also as NOA), is Israeli born of Yemenite origin, she was raised in the US, and resides in Israel with her husband and 3 children. She is one of Israel’s leading international singer/songwriter, having shared the stage with superstars such as Sting, Pat Metheny, Quincy Jones, Stevie Wonder, Andrea Bocelli and many more.

Together with her long-standing collaborator Gil Dor, she has released over 15 albums in six languages, which have sold millions the world over.

Beyond her passionate commitment to music, Noa dedicates much of her time to promoting peace and dialogue between Israel and Palestine and to various social issues, volunteering extensively for organisations in these fields. She performed in the historic peace rally where Yitzchak Rabin was murdered, and has since become an outspoken advocate for the two state solution. Noa has collaborated with numerous artists in the Arab world, as well as Israeli/Palestinian artist Mira Awad.

Noa is on the board of the New Israel Fund. She raises her voice against injustice and for human rights and equality in Israel and abroad, in song and writing, whenever possible.

Achinoam Nini

Mira Awad

Mira Awad is an award-winning actress, singer, songwriter, teacher, composer and cultural activist. Born in Rameh village in the Galilee to a Palestinian father and Bulgarian mother, she currently lives in Tel-Aviv. She studied music at the Rimon School for Jazz and Contemporary Music.

She has released two solo albums, and collaborated with many international artists: Noa, Idan Raichel, Andrea Boccelli, Bobby McFerrin and more.
Throughout her career, Mira developed a unique fusion of sounds, combining the East with the West, weaving the Arabic language and its oriental ornaments with Western harmonies, thus creating unique modern Arabic fusion music, with a rich tapestry of sounds.

As an actress, Mira participated in numerous theatre productions as well as starring on the popular Israeli series “Arab Labor”. She hosted several TV shows and created and co-write the TV drama “Muna”.

Mira is an Artivista (a person who engages in artivism). She is very much identified with the agenda of dialogue and co-existence, and uses her stage visibility to promote peace and human solidarity.

Mira Awad