Shana Tova from NIF Australia - New Israel Fund Australia

Shana Tova from NIF Australia

Dear friend -- 

The year that is drawing to a close brought increased uncertainty in the Middle East but it has also seen dramatic, positive developments within Israel.

What started with one grew quickly to tens, then hundreds, then thousands, culminating in over 400,000 Israelis - of all ethnic origins, all ages, all religions and none – participating in the biggest demonstration in Israel’s history, chanting together “The People Demand Social Justice.”

There is greater recognition now that, despite the excellent performance of the economy, the gap between the 'haves' and the ‘have-nots’ of Israeli society has grown unacceptably large, that the equality and social solidarity that was once a distinctive characterisitic of Israeli society has been progressively undermined.

Despite the many challenges that continue to face Israel in the region, there has been a flowering of renewed concern with social justice – the need to ensure equality, basic human dignity and a fair and democratic society.  And Israel and supporters of Israel can justly be proud of that.

It is a credit too to the New Israel Fund, which has identified and championed such issues for years, and will continue to do so long after the tent cities have all been packed up.

To remind you of some of that history, click here.

NIF Australia is only three months old but Naomi Chazan’s June visit generated great interest and many people are enthusiastic about the opportunities that NIF offers for creative partnership with Israelis.

Please help us to help Israelis realise the vision of Israel’s founders. Encourage your friends to subscribe to NIF Australia’s newsletter. Donate whatever you can afford. And if you are willing to volunteer in some capacity, please be in touch.

On behalf of all our NIF Australia board members and volunteers, we wish you and all dear to you Shana tova umetuka. And may the new year bring peace to our brothers and sisters in Israel.

Robin Margo
President, NIF Australia
Ric Benjamin
Vice-President, NIF Australia