"Making Sense of the Middle East: What's Next for Israel, Palestine, and the Region"

We are glad that New York Times columnist Roger Cohen is joining us via webinar to discuss the topic, "Making Sense of the Middle East: What's Next for Israel, Palestine, and the Region".

With recent 'price tag' attacks and a recently-elected ultra-nationalist right-wing government in Israel, the negotiations with Iran concerning that country's nuclear project concluded and currently facing Congressional review, the strength of ISIS growing, and global antisemitism, there will be no shortage of topics for Roger to discuss.

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About Roger Cohen:


Award-winning journalist and author Roger Cohen is one of the most talented, hard-hitting international reporters today. Cohen’s illustrious career has spanned some of the most prestigious news outlets in the nation and abroad, from his positions at The New York Times to his time working for The Wall Street Journal.

Currently he is The International Herald Tribune's first Editor-at-Large and an Op-Ed columnist, as well as a foreign affairs columnist for The New York Times. Cohen's columns frequently include expert analysis on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, global Jewish affairs, and the Iranian nuclear issue.

Cohen’s latest book, “The Girl from Human Street”, was published in January, 2015.

Some recent New York Times columns by Roger Cohen:

August 30, 2015 at 8pm - 9:30pm
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