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Response to Smear Campaign

Certain groups are alleging that an NIF-backed group, Adalah, is participating in a global BDS event. That charge has garnered the attention of bloggers and media outlets.

Here are the facts:

1) As a matter of policy, the New Israel Fund does not fund global BDS activities. Nor do we support organizations that have global BDS programs. The New Israel Fund has always supported Israel as a Jewish and democratic state.

2) The charge that Adalah is taking part in a pro-BDS conference in Geneva is false. Adalah issued the following clarification on this matter to an Israeli media outlet last night:

“Adalah and its representatives are not participating in the event referred to in Geneva. The invitation to the event was sent out without prior coordination with, or the approval of Adalah.”

3) Adalah is a leader in the battle against racial discrimination in Israel and in the effort to promote equal rights for Israel’s Arab citizens. Reports on racial discrimination never make for pleasant reading, but they are a necessary element in creating social change. NGO Monitor (which is apparently behind this smear campaign) seems to be seeking to stifle the exposure of racial discrimination. Their success would handicap Israel’s capacity to live up to core Jewish and democratic values.

4) NIF’s ongoing support for Adalah follows from our commitment to advancing the values of human dignity ensconced in Israel's Declaration of Independence.

NIF is not alone in recognizing Adalah’s contributions to Israel. Former Supreme Court Justice Ayala Procaccia praised Adalah two months ago, saying:

“This is an organization that works to advance human rights by legal means, not extra-legal means, by outstanding intellectual power, high moral commitment, and a broad vision of Israeli society in all its diversity. These special characteristics have given the Adalah organization its unique status on the map of human rights organizations in Israel.”

Read this press release on the New Israel Fund website.