2019 - New Israel Fund Australia



Conducts litigation by and for Arab citizens of Israel to ensure the rights of this community. Read more »
Al Hukok
Provides legal aid for the Bedouins of the Negev around issues of housing, economic rights, healthcare, and education. Read more »
Association for Civil Rights in Israel – East Jerusalem project
Fighting poverty and struggling for equal access to education for Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem. Read more »
Association for Civil Rights in Israel – public hotline project
Israel's largest and oldest civil rights organisation, they safeguarding equality through precedent-setting litigation. Read more »
Association of Ethiopian Jews
Following the police shooting of unarmed teen Solomon Teka z"l in July 2019, we made an emergency grant to AEJ to build their capacity to respond to institutionalised racism felt by the Ethiopian community in Israel. Read more »
Spatial and town planning expertise inside Israel and in Area C of the West Bank to ensure Palestinian villages aren't denied electricity, water and education resources by the Israeli government. Read more »
Combating cases of discrimination felt by people with a disability in Israel. Read more »
Gisha - Center for the Legal Protection of Freedom of Movement
A unique approach helping residents of Gaza travel for crucial medical care, education and professional advancement. Read more »
Providing free legal aid to Palestinians in the occupied territories to access their rights in a wide range of areas, including freedom of movement, residency and social rights, the right to family life and property, and protections for minors in detention. Read more »
Hand in Hand
A network of schools in Israel building shared society, demonstrating an important model of inclusion and partnership for Jewish and Palestinian citizens of Israel. Read more »
Hotline for Refugees and Migrants
Protects people seeking asylum, refugees, migrant workers and victims of human trafficking in Israel, ensuring they aren't deported or detained unfairly, and have access to basic government services. Read more »
Israel Religious Action Centre – Racism Crisis Centre project
Combating the racism and discrimination felt by Palestinian citizens of Israel, the Ethiopian community, people seeking asylum, Russian immigrants and the LGBT community. Read more »
Israel Religious Action Centre (IRAC)
Defending religious freedom and pluralism, and ensuring equal treatment of all streams of Judaism. Read more »
Israel Women's Network
Promoting gender equality in Israel. Read more »
Lakia - The Association for the Improvement of Women's Status
Advancing the status of women in Bedouin communities in the Negev through empowerment, education and employment training. Read more »
Machsom Watch
Monitors IDF checkpoints and provides assistance to Palestinians to navigate the military's complex visa bureaucracy and gain access to education, employment and healthcare. Read more »
Orchard of Abraham's Children – Rosh Pina gan (kindergarten)
Promoting shared society, inclusion and tolerance by bringing Jewish and Arab-Israelis kids to learn and live together. Read more »
Physicians for Human Rights
Medical care for Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza through clinics and visits, bringing expertise otherwise not found in the occupied Palestinian territories, and running an open clinic for migrant workers and refugees inside Israel. Read more »
Advancing the rights of Israel's Ethiopian communities through legal advocacy and training. Read more »
Taking action on behalf of victims of racism, ensuring a real penalty is exacted for discriminatory behaviour in the workplace and by government institutions. Read more »
Women Against Violence (Nazareth)
Providing assistance for Palestinian women in Israel's north in the form of rape crisis centres, domestic violence support and more. Read more »
Yesh Din
Seeks to protect human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories by conducting legal advocacy and protecting Palestinians against violence from settlers. Read more »

In addition, Australian donors contributed AU$240,707 in 2019 directly to the New Israel Fund in Israel.