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Noa Landau is Haaretz’s deputy editor-in-chief. She is the founder of “Haaretz 21,” an organisational project aimed at amplifying underrepresented voices and stories of Arab/Palestinian communities in Israel. Prior to this she served at Haaretz as a reporter and analyst, head of the news department and editor of the English edition. Before joining Haaretz in 2009, Landau worked as a journalist for Galei-Tzahal, Channel 10 and Maariv. She is also an alum and advisory board member of the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at the University of Oxford.

Judy Maltz is a senior correspondent for the Haaretz English edition, where she covers a wide variety of topics, with special focus on the Jewish world and Israel-Diaspora relations. Judy served for seven years as the chief economic correspondent in Jerusalem for the Haaretz Hebrew edition and was one of the founding editors of the paper's English print edition. Aside from journalism, she has channelled her passion for storytelling into documentary filmmaking and was the producer and director of two award-winning feature-length movies.