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Netanyahu cancels the refugee deal – and blames NIF

What a difference a day makes. Even by Tuesday, Prime Minister Netanyahu was backtracking from his deal with the UNHCR to settle people seeking asylum in Israel and the West.

His plan to deport people to Africa was still off the table, but he was having second thoughts about resettling any refugees in Israel.

Hours later, cornered and under extreme pressure from his far-right coalition members, he cancelled the UNHCR deal and turned on NIF.

That’s right, he turned on you and the thousands of others around the world who support NIF’s work to promote democracy, equality and freedom.

As Daniel Sokatch, CEO of NIF, clearly stated: NIF had nothing to do with Rwanda's decision to refuse to participate in the Prime Minister's cruel mass deportation plan.

We are, however, very proud of the support we provided to a broad and powerful coalition within Israeli civil society, including people seeking refuge and community leaders in south Tel Aviv, who worked to ensure that everyone seeking asylum has the chance to live their lives and raise their families in peace.

There are two camps here: those who try to deport people seeking asylum, and those who protect them; those who undermine democracy and social inclusion, and those who work to enhance it.

We’re asking you to stand with us today and proudly support a diverse, pluralist and inclusive Israel.

The Israel that doesn’t deport people seeking refuge and doesn’t seek to divide communities and marginalise human rights groups.

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We’re not scared by half-baked inquiries or baseless accusations. We’ll continue to fight for what’s right, and what best safeguards Israel’s future.

Join us today. Stand up to the bullies.

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