Israel in Crisis: A Conversation with Naomi Chazan | Sydney

Israel in Crisis: A Conversation with Naomi Chazan | Sydney

Sun 28 May 2023 at 7:30pm - 9:15pm

Bondi Pavillion
Queen Elizabeth Dr
Bondi Beach NSW 2026

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Join veteran leader and commentator Naomi Chazan, former deputy speaker of the Knesset and former president of the New Israel Fund, for a wide ranging discussion at a crucial moment for Israel.

Today, the country is experiencing the largest protest movement in its history, facing unprecedented challenges to its democratic character and witnessing a seismic shift in its relations with Jewish communities around the world.

With decades of experience at the front lines of politics and civil society, Naomi will provide expert analysis in her role as a leading campaigner for democracy, equality and justice for Israelis and Palestinians.

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Naomi Chazan has for years championed the values of NIF, as a member of Knesset, an academic and activist. Naomi is a cherished member of NIF’s wider international community as a supporter and role model in pursuing justice, equality and democracy. 

Naomi is known for her time as a parliamentarian and deputy speaker of the Knesset. Born in Jerusalem during the British mandate era, Naomi is synonymous with an Israel that defends human rights, promotes equality and seeks a peaceful resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Naomi’s commitment to building an Israel as envisioned by the Declaration of Independence has been seen in her varied roles as a former deputy speaker for the Knesset for Meretz, a senior Israeli academic, activist for women’s rights, and former president of the New Israel Fund.

In 2011 she visited Sydney and Melbourne and launched the brand new NIF Australia, speaking to audiences about the importance of supporting initiatives in Israel which promote equality and democracy. 

Twelve years on, we’re thrilled to welcome her back as we take on one of the deepest challenges Israel has ever faced.


About Naomi Chazan

Naomi Chazan served as the President of the New Israel Fund (2009-2012) and is a member of its international board. She is professor emerita of political science and African studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and is a senior research fellow at the Truman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace and at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, where she co-chairs the Center for the Advancement of Women in the Public Sphere (WIPS).

Naomi Chazan holds a B.A. degree from Barnard College, an M.A. degree from Columbia University, and a Ph.D. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She served as chair of the Truman Research Institute, was a visiting professor of Government at Harvard University and the University of Chicago, a research fellow at the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs at Harvard, a research fellow at the Center for International Studies at MIT and has received numerous professional awards.

Prof. Chazan served as a Member of the Knesset for three terms (1992-2003) on behalf of the Meretz party. She was Deputy Speaker of the Knesset and a member of numerous committees, including: Foreign Affairs and Defense, Education, Economics, Immigration and Absorption, and the Committee for the Advancement of the Status of Women and Gender Equality.

Naomi Chazan was one of the founders of the Israel Women’s Network and has been active in a variety of feminist, human rights, and peace organisations. She currently serves on the board of Fulbright-Israel and of several leading civil society organisations. She is also a regular commentator on Israeli affairs in a variety of media outlets.