Kupa Ktana – June 2021 - New Israel Fund Australia

Thanks for joining our new round of Kupa Ktana!

Thank you for signing up to join our next round of Kupa Ktana!

Join us on Wednesday 23 June at 7:30pm as we'll put our donations together and select a flagship NIF project to fund

To join the Zoom meeting, click this link. You can also add an invite to your calendar by clicking here.

These are the organisations we'll be hearing about and choosing between:


Every child deserves a happy childhood. For refugee and undocumented children in Israel this is a struggle. From morning until evening, from infancy to primary school, Elifelet creates a holistic array of programs to ensure the safety, education, and wellbeing of refugee and asylum seeker children.

Yesh Din

By representing Palestinians who are victims of settler violence and who have had land confiscated by settlements, Yesh Din’s actions challenge the structural violations of human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Association for Civil Rights in Israel

Ensuring equality for all Israelis. They took a leading role during the pandemic, ensuring pensioners had access to social security, opposing invasive surveillance from the security establishment and protecting freedom of speech.