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Image of Victory won the prize Best Documentary Short at the Jerusalem Film Festival, Best Film and Audience Award at the Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival, and Best Student Film at the Israeli Documentary Film Awards. It was an official selection for the Solidarity Tel Aviv Human Rights Film Festival and the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival.

"…As a documentary, it is a masterpiece of text versus subtext. It is also one of the most Israeli films I have ever seen in general. A concentrated capsule of everything that's crazy and absurd in this ongoing experiment called the State of Israel and most of us take for granted… It seems like there's not one archetypal character from Israeli society who missed to pay the soldier a visit, and when the camera is pointed at the end of each of those crazy moments to his reactions and especially the parents' reactions is simply priceless. The situation is charming and heartwarming just as it is disturbing. There were moments that I burst into laughter of embarrassment that then immediately turned into tears of sadness and pain out of identification." -  A masterpiece of text and subtext by Oron Shamir,

"…"Image of Victory" by Adi Mishnayot already won an award at the Tel Aviv International Student Festival a month ago, and has picked a trophy at Jerusalem Film Festival as well, and rightly so… The film manages to operate on both the emotional and intellectual levels. It has an irony about the absurdity it reveals, but the bitter humor of it does not lead to a sophisticated alienation, nor does it detracts from its ability to evoke emotion… What resonates, is a snapshot, taken with a slight irony that offers numerous open and relevant questions – which will, unfortunately, probably all still be relevant in Israel in the foreseeable future as well. A movie for the Pantheon." - A film for the Pantheon by Avner Shavit, Walla! News