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Choose Democracy!

It’s been five weeks since Benjamin Netanyahu rolled out his plans to significantly change Israel’s democracy. His plans to allow the Knesset to override the court, change the way justices are appointed and politicise independent legal advice would greatly weaken the country’s standing as a liberal democracy.

Since his announcement, hundreds of thousands of Israelis have taken to the streets in what has become one of the most significant protest campaigns in the country’s history. They need to know they are not alone in this struggle.

It seems that everyone in Israel is turning up to express fear over the government’s move – hi-tech workers, high school students, academics, former ministers in Netanyahu’s government, and of course NIF-supported civil rights organisations. Economists are warning of a hit to Israel’s economy and the country’s deputy attorney general warned it will turn Israel into a “very weak democracy”.

Now is our time to act. Show Israelis and the world that we care about Israel’s democracy.

Choose Democracy. Sign the Petition →

We’re joining with NIF supporters in the UK, US, Canada, Switzerland and Germany to take a stand against the government’s dangerous plan.

We want Israel to flourish as a homeland for the Jewish people and a democratic state that seeks to “ensure complete equality of social and political rights to all its inhabitants.” – as stated in Israel’s Declaration of Independence. 

Our community often finds itself defending Israel from external attacks. But now, more than ever before, the threat comes from within.

We have a choice.

We either remain silent or stand in solidarity with those across Israel fighting for democracy. 

And today, we choose to stand on the side of Israelis protesting against an extremist government.

Hundreds of thousands of Israelis are taking to the streets. Let’s show we’re standing with them, and with an Israel which upholds Israel’s Declaration of Independence commitment to “ensure complete equality of social and political rights to all its inhabitants.”


Liam Getreu
Executive Director

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