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Leaving A Bequest

The work for a Jewish-democratic homeland didn’t stop in 1948. On the contrary, ensuring the values of the Declaration of Independence are upheld requires continued vigilance and commitment.

The Hebrew word tzedakah, commonly translated as charity, comes from the word tzedek, meaning justice.

It reflects the Jewish values of right and wrong, social responsibility, and fairness. By choosing to support the New Israel Fund, you are helping ensure that the values of tzedek, equality, and democracy enshrined in Israel’s Declaration of Independence will light a path of justice for generations to come.

Create a lasting legacy that reflects your values by including the New Israel Fund in your estate plans.

No gift is too small and your legacy could be directed to an issue area of particular interest to you and your family.

Through legacy giving, every gift will have an impact, every gift will make a difference.

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