Israel’s Election Merry-Go-Round: An Update from Anshel Pfeffer - New Israel Fund Australia

Israel’s Election Merry-Go-Round: An Update from Anshel Pfeffer

Mon 5 Sep 2022 at 7:30pm - 8:30pm

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Join Anshel Pfeffer, one of Israel’s leading political journalists, for a detailed update ahead of Israel’s fifth election in four years. 

With Anshel’s expertise and unique analysis, this is a great opportunity to understand the latest news, candidates, party mergers and new government possibilities, and ask your questions about what it means for Israeli democracy, the likelihood of ongoing instability and the future for peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

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Anshel Pfeffer is a senior correspondent and columnist for Haaretz and the Israel correspondent for The Economist. He has been a journalist for 25 years covering a wide range of issues in Israel and reporting from over 30 countries on four continents. His latest book is Bibi: The Turbulent Life and Times of Benjamin Netanyahu.

Anshel’s analysis and deep knowledge of the Israeli political landscape brings a unique insight as Israel faces its fifth election in four years. Anshel’s election expertise and insights are also heard in the Haaretz podcast Election Overdose.

The dynamics of candidates, party mergers and political pressures are once more hot topics after Israel’s unity government was dissolved in June. Since then, with Yair Lapid as interim Prime Minister, Israel has been gearing towards its next election, scheduled for 1 November 2022. 

Join Anshel to understand the latest happenings in the Israeli political landscape as a November election looms.