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A Message From Amos Oz's Grandson

Amos Oz's grandson, Dean, posted this on Facebook yesterday. It's a letter to Im Tirtzu, an organisation which targeted his grandfather and other prominent artists and writers who support Israel's human rights community.

Dear Im Tirtzu:

Here's a picture of my grandfather, Amos "The Mole" Oz, crying with emotion at my officer's graduation ceremony a few months ago.

A few days ago you incited against my grandfather and others like him. People who have a different opinion to your own. In their case, people who also have a love of Israel, their fellow man, and of Zionism. But even if they didn’t, it would not be your right to incite against them.

My grandfather, like every Israeli citizen, is allowed to express their opinions as loudly as they like. Without apologising. Without declaring loyalty. That's the way democracy works – the kind Herzl spoke of in his book, Altneuland ("Old-New Land")... or did you only read the title?

About your sources of funding: Let me add that your ‘ideological financing’ comes from people who are light years away from the ideas of Zionism and its many varieties, foreign to Judaism (and yet sadly familiar to the Jewish people) and dangerous to democracy. You are the cancer of our society. It’s you who are the true foreign agents.

You incited to violence against my grandfather, and no apology will help. It is my duty to fight against your ugly and inciting group until it disappears completely and is condemned.