Watch: 2019 Israeli Election Preview – Episode 1 - New Israel Fund Australia

Watch: 2019 Israeli Election Preview – Episode 1

Prime Minister Netanyahu has called Israeli elections for 9 April and we're here to give you the the details on everything that's happening in the lead up.

To keep you up to date on all the machinations – emerging candidates, new parties being formed and some old ones falling away – we’re preparing a series of short videos which covers the issues being discussed, background on the candidates and even the latest polls fresh from Israel.

We’ll be releasing more videos over the coming weeks about some of the other candidates running (and not running!) and share some stories and experience from activists and journalists on the ground in Israel.

Have more questions? Want us to shine a spotlight on any candidates or issues Add your comment on Facebook or YouTube, or reply to this email and we’ll make sure to cover it!

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