Celebrate 10 Years of NIF Australia - New Israel Fund Australia

Celebrate 10 Years of NIF Australia

Mon 25 Oct 2021 at 7:30pm - 8:30pm

Contact Sharon Berger ( 0438262120) for more information.

Join us to celebrate 10 years of NIF Australia.

Featuring commentary, analysis and remarks from:

Naomi Chazan

Former deputy speaker of the Knesset & NIF board member

Reem Younis

Co-founder of Nazareth-based Alpha Omega, hi-tech entrepreneur & NIF board member

Senator the Hon. Penny Wong

Shadow minister for foreign affairs

Mickey Gitzin

Executive director of NIF Israel

Over the last decade, we’ve built a community of shared values – justice, equality and democracy for everyone in Israel.

We’ve come together to meet prime ministers, Knesset members, leading journalists and activists, and helped shift the discourse in the Australian Jewish community.

Our partnership with civil society in Israel has been impactful and effective – we’ve raised our voices and contributed much needed funding. That funding has supported asylum seekers at risk of deportation, Ethiopian Jews experiencing police violence, Palestinians facing home demolitions and women needing an escape from domestic violence.

Join us as we look towards the next chapter of NIF Australia and boost our impact to promote social justice and equality in Israel.

Be inspired about what we can achieve in the next 10 years and beyond.

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You can watch the video of the event here: