Video from our webinar with Bernard Avishai

Achievements in 2014

2014 will be remembered as a difficult one in Israel’s history. We witnessed a bloody war during which civilians bore the brunt of the toll, horrible hate crimes perpetrated by both Jews and Arabs, and most recently a swathe of anti-democratic legislation. With everything that happened in Israel this year, our partnership to foster democratic values, and support human rights and social justice has never been more crucial.

Throughout 2014, the New Israel Fund and our grantees lowered tensions between Jewish- and Palestinian-Israelis, ensured lines of communication were kept open at the most crucial times, provided protection for the citizens most vulnerable to the dangers of rocket fire from Gaza, and empowered human rights monitors to continue their work.

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Israel Refocused: Proposed Laws a Threat To Israel's Democracy

Our thoughts are dominated by the shocking and horrific attack in Jerusalem this week. Our hearts go out to the families of the victims, and we send our best wishes for a speedy recovery to the wounded. Violence can never be the solution and leads only to more violence.

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We're all equal – we're all one team

Here's a great new video from the Kick Racism Out of Israeli Football project, a partnership between NIF and the Israel Football Association.

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Israel Refocused: Israel’s High Court orders closure of refugee detention centre

Welcome to the fourth edition of Israel Refocused!

The first issue explores the High Court's decision that the Holot Detention Centre represents a violation of human rights and has ruled that it be closed. Right wing members of the Netanyahu Government have opposed the decision on the basis that those incarcerated there are not asylum seekers but illegal infiltrators and are devising strategies to circumvent the judicial ruling.

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Sasson's Voice - Like Lions They Overcame

TaliaSassonYediot-small.jpgThis interview with incoming NIF president -- and NIF Australia's November speaker -- Talia Sasson is part of a larger article entitled "Like Lions They Overcame" on the first two pages of Yediot Achronot's special Yom Kippur supplement, written by leading Israeli journalist Nahum Barnea.

We've reproduced below an English translation of the article.

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Shana Tova from NIF Australia

The New Israel Fund has been working for decades to promote democracy, equality, and justice in Israel. Here's what the children of NIF and SHATIL staff members have to say about it.

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Israel Refocused: The shift to a diplomatic process - or not...

Gaza event

The effects of what became one of Israel’s longest wars — the loss of life, especially civilian life, destruction and hatred which has permeated both Palestinian and Israeli societies — are beginning to emerge.

We have brought together a number of articles and interviews which highlight the role that human rights organisations play in a time of war; some interesting views on possible diplomatic approaches; and some commentary about the change which will be required in Israel to address some of the major social conflicts and divisions that emerged or became more apparent during the war.

Last week, we hosted an event with three of our partners in Israel, B’Tselem, NIF and Shatil under the title, “The Gaza conflict: human rights lessons, and the day after”. You can watch video of the event on our website.

Liam Getreu (Executive Director) and Dani Miller (Project Officer)

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Some big news out of Israel

Some great news: here are five major developments in the areas of social and economic justice, human rights, religious pluralism, and inclusion, as a result of hard work from NIF and its grantees.

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Stemming the tide of racism and incitement

Like all Jews and people of peace around the world, we are deeply relieved at the news of a ceasefire. It is crucial that the cycle of violence in Gaza does not simply recommence. Our hope is that this ceasefire marks the rebirth of negotiations towards a Palestinian state and peace. The human toll in lives lost and damaged does not allow any other outcome.

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