18 March Event: Processing the Israeli election results with Naomi Chazan

Naomi ChazanNIF Australia invites you to a post-election conversation with Naomi Chazan. Naomi, with more than a decade of experience in the Knesset, will help process all the results from the election, and provide insight on Israel’s likely direction going forward.

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Recent attacks on NIF -- who, what, and why

Friends --

I wanted to let you know about recent attacks against the New Israel Fund.

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Background on the Latest Anti-NIF Campaign

Below is a fact sheet on the latest campaign to delegitimise the New Israel Fund.

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Israel Refocused: Next month's Israeli elections

In just over a month there will be an election in Israel. This edition of Israel Refocused offers you a reflection on the issues, parties and candidates involved, through the lens of NIF’s core values of democracy, equality and peace.

We have also included a number of tributes to the David Landau z”l who passed away a couple of weeks ago. David was a former editor of Haaretz and the Jerusalem Post, and visited Australia for NIF Australia in 2011.

Finally, if you missed it two weeks ago, you can view video of our event with Bernard Avishai on our YouTube page.


Liam Getreu (Executive Director) and Dani Miller (Project Officer)

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Democracy Without Dialogue?

A number of right wing politicians cancelled their participation this week in the Haaretz Conference on Democracy ostensibly because of NIF's participation. Below is the two-page full-spread ad that Haaretz ran in response.

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Event: The Politics of Water, with Gidon Bromberg


We thought we would pass on to you the below invitation from our friends in the Inner West who are hosting prominent Israeli environmentalist Gidon Bromberg on Thursday night.

Gidon's work, supported for many years by the New Israel Fund, is crucial to setting up peace in Israel and Palestine. Friends of the Middle East's work has been globally praised, and Gidon and FOEME were recently profiled by Thomas Friedman in the New York Times.

We know that early January isn't the best time for an event, but if you're around Sydney it would be great to see you there.

Kind regards,

Liam Getreu
Executive Director

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Video from our webinar with Bernard Avishai

Achievements in 2014

2014 will be remembered as a difficult one in Israel’s history. We witnessed a bloody war during which civilians bore the brunt of the toll, horrible hate crimes perpetrated by both Jews and Arabs, and most recently a swathe of anti-democratic legislation. With everything that happened in Israel this year, our partnership to foster democratic values, and support human rights and social justice has never been more crucial.

Throughout 2014, the New Israel Fund and our grantees lowered tensions between Jewish- and Palestinian-Israelis, ensured lines of communication were kept open at the most crucial times, provided protection for the citizens most vulnerable to the dangers of rocket fire from Gaza, and empowered human rights monitors to continue their work.

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Israel Refocused: Proposed Laws a Threat To Israel's Democracy

Our thoughts are dominated by the shocking and horrific attack in Jerusalem this week. Our hearts go out to the families of the victims, and we send our best wishes for a speedy recovery to the wounded. Violence can never be the solution and leads only to more violence.

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We're all equal – we're all one team

Here's a great new video from the Kick Racism Out of Israeli Football project, a partnership between NIF and the Israel Football Association.

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