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New Israel Fund Australia Foundation aims to increase awareness and understanding of the importance of civil and human rights, social and economic justice, democracy, diversity, reconciliation and peace.

NIF Australia is a home of progressive engagement with Israel that seeks to create active and deep connections between Australian Jews, their communities and Israel.

We raise funds to empower Israeli civil society through the New Israel Fund. Founded in 1979, NIF is a partnership between Israelis and the Diaspora, and is the leading organisation committed to equality and democracy for all Israelis.

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We were thrilled that David Broza recorded this great video for us on his recent trip to Australia.
UNESCO’s Offensive Resolution As you may have heard, last week UNESCO passed an offensive resolution which disregards Judaism’s connection to the Temple Mount and the Western Wall.
Rosh Hashanah 5777 begins on Sunday night. This festival provides us with an opportunity for reflection on the year that has been. With the increased prominence of divisive politicians such as Donald Trump and Pauline Hanson, we are witnessing a disturbing rise in racism, bigotry and hate speech.
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