Taking action with Israelis from Mizrahi, Russian, Ethiopian and Arab communities who have experienced racism


One of Israel’s most creative civil society organisations, Tmura, has pioneered the use of tort law to achieve significant wins for individuals who have experienced discrimination.

By using tort law, Tmura exerts maximum pressure on governments and business to behave in a fair and equal way. So far, 100% of their cases have been successful.

  1. At any given time, Tmura handles about a dozen cases on behalf of marginalised women, Mizrahi Jews, and Ethiopians who have experienced racism or discrimination.
  2. In one case, a suit brought in collaboration with the Justice Ministry and the Equal Employment Commission, Tmura sued an aged care facility on behalf of a Palestinian-Israeli occupational therapist.
  3. Tmura also focuses on representing women who have experienced domestic violence, in particular, economic abuse and sexual assault. They achieved a sector-wide precedent by forcing a large bank to change its policies to ensure women aren’t unfairly forced to pay debts their husband incurred.
  4. Tmura also provides workshops and training for women who live in public housing to educate them on their rights.