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The news out of Israel - current conflict

Like us, I’m sure you are hearing the news coming out of Israel with sadness.

Earlier today, NIF CEO Daniel Sokatch sent out this update:

None of us know how extensive this conflict will be, but I do know that many members of the New Israel Fund family stand ready to assist the most vulnerable Israelis, both Jewish and Arab, who are living under threat of rocket fire. 

Protecting marginalised communities is what NIF does. This morning, our senior program staff established a Situation Room in Jerusalem to be able to respond quickly to the needs of those who may otherwise be overlooked.

At this time, our thoughts and prayers are with the innocent civilians caught in the middle – of our friends and family in Israel who are suffering under the crippling rocket attacks; and the Palestinian people caught between the actions of terrorists living among them, and the response from Israel’s armed forces.

Your partnership in our work in Israel – fighting against the ultra-nationalist elements of society calling for collective punishment and revenge and empowering moderate elements of society to promote a shared society – will lay the groundwork for healing after this intense period of conflict has ended, and for that we’re very grateful.

The situation on the ground is fluid, and we’ll share information as we can.

Until next time, hopefully under better circumstances,

Irving Wallach
President, NIF Australia

Liam Getreu
Executive Director, NIF Australia