Episode 1: Guy Rolnik's Calling

The first episode of Magash Hakesef (Silver Platter) features editor of financial newspaper The Marker, Guy Rolnik. In the episode, Rolnik discusses the impact that financial and media concentration has on Israel’s economy, as well as how a number of interest groups are limiting the growth of the middle class.

Some questions for you to consider:

  • Despite the average monthly wage being only $2,713 in Israel compared to $3,874 in Australia, Israelis pay more for everything from eating out and housing costs to basic utilities and clothes. Why is it so hard to introduce more competitive pricing to the Israeli market?
  • Why do you think the technology start-up sector has been one of the big exceptions and success story in the Israeli economy?
  • The Silver Platter was watched by over 1.5 million viewers, 19% of the population. An increasing number of Israelis live in overdraft, unable to afford the basics in life such as housing, transportation and even food despite working longer hours than the average Australian. If you were working so hard and were unable to pay your bills what would you be forced to cut back on?